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Mesh Network Installation

Mesh WiFi Design and Integration in Dallas Fort Worth

We provide Mesh WiFi setup in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. Consumer-grade mesh WiFi network systems have become a popular trend because they solve the spotty coverage issues we experience with legacy WiFi systems, while providing high speed and reliability. Typical WiFi repeaters would cut your Internet speed in half because each packet had to travel from your device to the repeater and from the repeater to your router but with Mesh, this is no longer the case.

Mesh WiFi leverages a technique called MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output). You can think of MIMO as two antennas in one; one antenna can be talking to the router and the other talking to your devices at the same time, instead of having to mix transmissions and reduce throughput speed. Additionally, since you may have multiple access points (repeaters), each node in your mesh can talk to each other and find the quickest path back to the router.

Benefits of commercial Mesh WiFi networks

One inconvenience of traditional repeaters was they would typically have distinct network names but with Mesh WiFi, all nodes create a meshed network that runs on both the 2.4 ghz and 5G spectrums under the same name. This means a consistent experience no matter where you are in the coverage area. Your phone will not have dropouts or speed decreases as you move from the coverage area of one access point (repeater) to another. The user will not even realize they have moved in range of a different access point (node) as they will be connected to the same network name with excellent signal coverage constantly. Mesh WiFi setup Dallas image


Mesh Network Installation in Dallas

Mesh may sound pretty magical and it sort of is. There’s a lot going on in the background that enables this seamless high-speed link and this is accomplished through use of a controller device. A controller is similar to a router of old days except it’s primary focus is the routing of wireless signals — getting data spread out across a wide coverage area and linking your devices to the main Internet connection in the quickest, most efficient way possible.

Mesh networks make your Dallas business more lean and versatile

There is quite a bit of a versatility when it comes to controllers. There are software-based controllers that run on your existing hardware, such as an application you load onto a computer on your network; and there are hardware-based controller devices that are independent self-contained units. We also have flexibility on where we can place the controller. As long as it is placed on the network sharing the same address space as the wireless devices, all is good. We apply old school common-sense best practices when we choose the type of controller and its location on our installs. Reliability is of utmost importance and this choice is critical in ensuring a robust, reliable connection.

Mesh WiFi has us very excited as it has brought wireless networks to a new level! Sure we had ways to accomplish long-range transmission with commercial grade specialized access points and bridges but mesh is much faster and more convenient; plus it can save us tons of work and money in complex situations where there is a lot of space between two locations that need fast network access. We have installed complex mesh networks at industrial complexes, large parks, RV parks, storage centers and it is especially useful when installing security cameras at apartment complexes, condos and other businesses where we have isolated buildings that all need video security.