06/07/2016 – If you have a System, Administrator, BIOS or Hard Drive password on a DELL Laptop or Desktop computer and it is preventing access to the computer, WE CAN HELP!!

Dell BIOS System Admin Password Unlock Screen photo

Sometimes people buy used laptops at places like eBay and get them only to find there is a BIOS password that is preventing them from accessing the operating system on the computer.  Or you may have set a lock code and later forgot what the Dell BIOS (Admin, System or Hard Drive) Password was. In this case, you need a Master Unlock code, that is specific to your individual Dell Service Tag.

Unlock Dell BIOS Password

We can help you Unlock your Dell BIOS Password so that you can gain access to a computer that has been otherwise rendered unusable. Sometimes you are blocked from entering the BIOS to change system settings so that you may install a new operating system. Other times, there is a System Password that you must enter to even boot the computer. If you are in this type of scenario with a Dell Desktop or Laptop Computer, we can help you with your Dell System Password Unlocking.

If you are getting this Error Message (or one like it):

This computer system, #9LSTPJ8J-595B, is protected by a password authentication system. You cannot access the data on this computer without the correct password.

Please type in the system or administrator password and press <Enter>

Then this is the SOLUTION to your woes. We provide you with a Dell BIOS Master Unlock Code, based on your Service Tag.

Unlock Your Dell System Password Now!

To unlock a Dell System Password, you will need a Master Unlock Code that is generated based on the Service Tag of your Dell Computer. With this Master Unlock Code, you simply enter it in to the Dell Password prompt just like you would if you had the original BIOS Password. The Dell computer will accept the password and allow you to modify the BIOS settings so that you can disable the System Password or change it to a password that you can remember. This grants you total access to your Dell computer.

We provide you with a code to Unlock your Dell BIOS, System or Administrator Password for just $15. Guaranteed or your money back. Email info@getmetech.com if you have any questions or just complete the PayPal Checkout below. Your payment will be processed securely and you DO NOT need a PayPal account.


INSTRUCTIONS: Simply send us the $15 via PayPal through the Buy Now button above and we will reply to your PayPal email address, asking for your Dell Service Tag#. We will need your Dell Service Tag# to send you the appropriate Dell BIOS System or Administrator Unlock Password. To expedite the process, send us an email to info@getmetech.com after paying through PayPal, with your Dell Service Tag# and we will reply back with the Master Password for your computer.

Most Dell Service Tags are 7 alphanumeric characters follow by a hyphen (-) and another 4 character string. We can definitely 100% unlock Dell Service Tags ending in -595B, -2A7B, -A95B and -D35B and we can also unlock many others including laptops made by Fujitsu, Sony and others. If we can not help you unlock your system with a Dell System or Administrator Password, we will refund the money.

Unlock your Dell BIOS or Hard Drive System or Administrator Password Now!