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One of my clients bought a Swann DVR8-2550 DVR & Camera package and needed me to set it up so that he could view it remotely. I was actually impressed with Swann’s offering…they have a great User Manual which is accessible from their website, a smartphone App and the DVR interface is very intuitive.

I went through all the typical steps..setting up Port Forwarding, Dynamic DNS, etc. We had no problem viewing the camera remotely through Internet Explorer but when we tried using the SwannView app on an Android smartphone (SwannView is also available for iPhone and they have other solutions for Windows Phone & Blackberry), we got the error “Invalid User”. The status messages upon attempting to connect made it apparent that the connection to the DVR was successful but there was some type of discrepancy with the username and password combo. But, we knew we had the correct username/password because we logged in perfectly in Internet Explorer…very weird. We performed troubleshooting steps of trying to connect with SwannView on a different Android phone, changing the password through the DVR interface, creating a new user account and none yielded favorable results. The Invalid User error persisted.

SwannView “Invalid User” Error

The next step, ofcourse, was to search around the internet for people with similar problems.  I was able to find this Yahoo Answers post as well as an Amazon review and some other pages where people had the same exact issue so I knew I wasn’t alone. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a solution to this problem anywhere online. I decided to bite the bullet and contact Swann Tech Support via online chat. They had heard of the problem before but didn’t have an easy answer.  During talking with them, I figured out how to get past the Invalid User error in SwannView.

The support agent asked me if I modified the DVR user settings through the DVR or Internet Explorer.  I was unaware that you could change the DVR settings remotely as this is not possible with most DVR’s but with this Swann DVR, you can and this is what pushed me in the right direction and led me to eventually find a solution to this dreadful problem! I immediately stopped talking with the support agent and went over to my Internet Explorer window to dig further.  I found that by updating the Password through the Remote View window, I could now connect with SwannView perfectly..no more Invalid User error!

The Solution – How To Fix SwannView “Invalid User” Error

  1. Access your DVR remotely through Internet Explorer
  2. Once logged in, click the “Remote Setting” button at the top of the screen
  3. On the left tree view window, click “Device”. It will expand, then click “Mobile”
  4. Re-enter your password in the “Password” field and click Apply at the botton right of the screen
  5. That’s it! You will now be able to connect via SwannView with the username and password you set.

Swann DVR SwannView Invalid User Error SOLUTION photo

Swann DVR – SwannView Invalid User Error SOLUTION


As an Application Developer, my best guess is that there is a small bug in the Software that runs on the DVR. For some reason, it does not copy over that username/password correctly to the Mobile Settings database.  Somehow the logic in the Remote View Plugin does store it correctly.  It’s a frustrating problem and since there is no solution posted elsewhere, I wanted to take some time and post a quick article so that people with the same problem don’t pull their hair out. I’ve got to say…this Swann DVR is great for the price and it does what it says it will. It would be nice if Swann could push a DVR firmware upgrade to fix this issue but first they are going to have to realize that the problem IS on their side and not just idiot customers with typing errors.