Google Drive Fatal Error Python DLL Code 1114 image

Many people seem to be getting the Fatal Error with Google Drive that prevents the application from starting. The error pops up an alert box with a message that says

Error loading Python DLL:
C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Temp\_MEI121082\python27.dll (error code 1114)

I have seen various fixes around the internet, on tech tips websites as well as Google Product Forums and most of the solutions are either temporary or did not work at all, for me. I tried the tip that involved going to your %temp% folder where the pyhton27.dll file is located and altering the permissions for the directory. This worked temporarily but as soon as my computer restarted, the error would happen again so the fix was very temporary. I also saw another solution that involved placing a copy of the python27.dll that Google Drive is having trouble accessing, in the Google Drive folder and your Windows System32 directory. When I tried this, Google Drive would not start at all so I was in even worse shape than before. Alas, I tried a tip that directly relates to permissions issues with software and sure enough, it fixed the Google Drive Fatal Error right away.

Google Drive Fatal Error Python DLL SOLUTION

The actual solution that will solve the Google Drive Fatal Error permanently is even easier than the other solutions I have found around the net. It is one simple step, that anyone can do, and the problem is solved permanently. All you have to do to fix the Google Drive Python DLL Error is to tell Google Drive to run with Administrator privileges. To do this, follow this procedure:

1. Find your shortcut to Google Drive, this can be in the Start Menu under Programs or anywhere there is a shortcut to open Google Drive. Right click on the shortcut and in the menu that pops up, click Properties.
Google Drive Fatal Error Fix image
2. When the Shortcut Properties for Google Drive window pops up, click on the Compatibility tab and at the bottom, Put a check mark in the check box that says Run this program as an Administrator then press OK.

Google Drive Python DLL Error code 1114 SOLUTION screenshot

That’s it!  You’re done and Google Drive will never encounter the Pyhton DLL Fatal Error again!