Voice Over IP (VoIP) Business Phone Service

GetMeTech is a provider of Business VoIP Phone Service in Dallas Fort Worth. Sometimes referred to as Hosted IP PBX, Business VoIP allows businesses to reduce their monthly costs while obtaining valuable new features that can’t be found in traditional phone service. Business VoIP runs over the internet (Voice Over IP) which has several benefits.

  • Reduced Costs – Your Phone Service will now run over your internet connection. Utilizing the internet means no long distance costs and one flat monthly fee with Unlimited Calling
  • Utilize Existing Infrastructure – Phones run over your internet connection so there is no need for new wiring.
  • A Hosted Solution – Instead of having a costly PBX installed into your office, the IP Phones connect through the internet to a PBX Server that is hosted off site. Decentralization saves money.
  • Portability – With VoIP Phone Service, all your phones need is an internet connection. What does this mean? You can take your phone with you home or abroad and it will behave just as if you were in the office — your phone will ring when the office number is called, you can transfer calls to other people in the office and dial U.S. numbers without international charges.
  • Packed with Features – Business VoIP Phone Service is packed with features such as IVR Auto Attendant, Call Queues, Voicemail to Email, Advanced Call Forwarding and more! You will have a Phone Service that rivals that of mutli-million dollar corporations.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that Business VoIP is a smart choice. In fact, it is so efficient and powerful that many of the big name Phone Providers are already using it. You wouldn’t know it because in your office, it connects and behaves like a regular analog phone service but from the phone company’s equipment to their servers, it is actually running over the internet. Additionally, all phone service will soon be VoIP and traditional analog phone will be a thing of the past. But you don’t have to wait for that. Switch now and enjoy flat rate pricing, with unlimited calling and enhanced features that will boost your business into the 21st century!