Smart Security Alarm

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Smart Security Alarm – Control DSC Power Series or Honeywell Alarms

In keeping with our business plan, to bring you innovative products that save you money and help you work more efficiently, the Smart Security Alarm is the next big thing! Security Alarm companies are the kings of dishonest “gimmick” marketing campaigns, with deals that offer you a 100% Free Security Alarm system (so long as you subscribe to a 36-month $39.99/month monitoring service agreement). Where the rubber meets the road, you get a cheap alarm that doesn’t have all of the features you’re looking for and in the fine print, it says that there are no substitutions plus additional installation fees can be charged. Lots of times the monitoring service isn’t worth anything either and if you don’t have a reliable Security Alarm Monitoring Service then what’s the point of even having a Security Alarm?! We go in a completely different direction; one that is Smart, honest and most importantly, good for you!

The Smart Security Alarm takes monitoring agreements and gimmicks out of the equation. It has been said that if you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself and the Smart Security Alarm allows you to do just that! — You become the monitoring service for your Security Alarm. And that’s not to say that this job will be difficult since you will be notified on your phone immediately, if the alarm is breached. You are provided with an app that will show you exactly which zones have been set off and the last times they were breached, along with the ability to arm and disarm your Security Alarm remotely! Not to mention that if you bundle this with a Professionally Installed Security Cameras System, you will also be able to visually see what is going on in your home or business too!

We don’t deliver products unless they are something we would install at our own mother’s house and the Smart Security Alarm is no exception so we are very excited to tell you about this amazing product. We have been in the Security Alarm industry for some time but it wasn’t until the Smart Alarm that we aggressively promoted alarms. The reason being is, even though we have offered the same type of model — we install alarms that are 100% unlocked and owned by you, it has been tough to compete with the types of marketing tactics used by our competitors…until now! Even though we have always offered the best value backed by an honest approach, it is hard for some people to see past the gimmicks but with the Smart Alarm, anyone can see how this is the best Security Alarm value available. The Security Alarm companies do not want you to know about this because it completely destroys their monthly recurring revenue stream, a revenue stream that is paid by your hard earned dollars. Some Security Alarm companies are marketing a similar solution but again, they still keep you locked into a monthly payment for a subscription based service. With our Smart Security Alarm, you own it outright 100% and there are no monitoring agreements, third party subscriptions or fees of any kind after installation. You will be able to monitor your home or business, via a smartphone app or website forever, with no additional costs!

We have to be able to sleep at night so we only provide solutions that are good for the client and this is perhaps the most revolutionary, money-saving technology advancement that has come in the last 10 years. You will be able to completely eliminate one of your monthly bills while obtaining better service. A lot of Security Alarm Monitoring services respond slowly or not at all. You pay them every month, counting on them to be there at a time of dire need but a lot of Alarm Monitoring customers find that they are essentially paying for nothing. In order to cut back on false alarms, often times Alarm Monitoring companies are slow to respond or never call the police at all, especially if they are unable to get in touch with you and verify that the alarm is not a false positive. By this time, chances are the thieves have already burgled your house and are making a speedy escape, before the police are even called. With the Smart Security Alarm, you are provided with detailed statistics showing the exact status of every zone in your home and you will be notified immediately via the app, email or text message if an alarm is triggered.

New Security Alarm Install or Add-On to Existing Alarm

The beauty of the IP Communicator Security Alarm device is that it is a module that can be added on to all major Security Alarm panels. The module is compatible with DSC Power Series & Honeywell Alarm panels which makes it compatible with the majority of installed alarms that are out there. We simply add the module to the alarm panel box, connect an Ethernet cable, to give the module Internet access and your regular Security Alarm just became a Smart Alarm!

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Smart Security Alarm Alarm Panel Module

A lot of Security Alarm companies lock your Alarm Panel down so that you can not use it with other Alarm Monitoring services. Believe it or not, Security Alarm companies have been known to go as far as coming back to locations where the monthly Alarm Monitoring service was cancelled and cut the wires, to prevent you from using your own alarm with another company. This is part of the shady business tactics that keep you paying their monthly fees. You never truly own the system but with everything we provide, it is 100% yours. There are no gimmicks, hidden charges or fine print; you bought it and you own it.

In order to convert your regular Security Alarm to a Smart Alarm, we will have to do an initial inspection, to determine if your Security Alarm Panel is locked down or not. We know a lot of the company lock codes so we will try to unlock the system with those and fully evaluate your panel to determine if your existing Alarm Panel can be used or if it is locked out. Even if it is, we can install a new Alarm Panel connected to the existing door, window and motion detector contacts that have already been installed, cutting down on the costs of entry tremendously. This system will save you so much money in the long run, by eliminating a bill that you pay every month, that even the cost of a brand new installed system will be a tremendous investment.

Make your Security Alarm SMART Now!

Security Alarms, like many other things, have seen technological advancements that make them more affordable and smarter; of those advancements, the Smart Security Alarm is the crown jewel. It is not often that we are able to completely eliminate a monthly expense without losing functionality but the Smart Security Alarm allows us to do just that! This is a win-win situation where you save money and improve service, as you will be notified immediately of any breach and can summon the police yourself. Instead of waiting for an Alarm Monitoring company to see that your alarm went off, hold for their mandatory waiting time then call you and confirm that the alarm was not a false positive, you can take the appropriate action yourself…immediately. This saves time at a critical moment and prevents you from having to rely on a company with questionable reliability while completely eliminating a monthly bill.

Regular Security Alarms can be converted to a Smart Security Alarm or we can install a new Alarm system into your existing home or business. Whichever way you want to go, the Smart Security Alarm is the answer. Every Alarm we install is a name brand, tried and true system (usually DSC) that is completely unlocked and owned by you. You have total control over your alarm and can add any type of feature you want, such as remote key FOBs, wireless contacts and more. Our Smart Alarm is the only one on the market that is completely free of subscription fees or third party services, meaning there are no strings attached and you will be able to monitor your alarm forever without any monthly bill! Make your home or business smarter today, with the Smart Security Alarm from GetMeTech!

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