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Dallas-Fort Worth Security Camera Installers

Classic Demo Video introducing our Security Camera Installation services (circa 2013)

NOTE: Security Camera technology has come a long way since this video was made. We have done hundreds of installs in the Dallas Fort Worth, TX area in this time and we continue to stay on the cutting edge. Most of our time is spent in the field honing our craft so please excuse the dated video. You can call us at 817-385-1855 to learn about the technology that is currently available and what it can do for your home or business.

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Cutting-edge Technology – Professional Installation

Enhance the security of your home or business and enjoy the convenience a professionally installed security camera system can provide! It’s 2023 and we’re in the time of heat-sensing solar-powered battery cameras with spotlights and facial recognition. Now’s the time to enjoy the benefits modern technology can provide!

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Dallas Fort Worth Security Cameras Installation

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GetMeTech is your DFW Security Cameras expert. We install Security Cameras throughout the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Whether you have your own Security Cameras or want to buy a complete Security Camera System from us, we offer professional installation for a fair price. Some installers cut corners and leave wires visible or strung down a wall. With GetMeTech, you will have an installation that looks “wireless”, to the naked eye; an installation that any attentive wife could be proud of. Not only does a professional installation look nicer but it also provides better security and a higher level of reliability because exposed wires can easily be cut by burglars, chewed up by critters or corroded by the weather. Security Cameras are a great addition to any business or home. Surveillance provides video recording which can be golden in the event of an unfortunate incident such as a robbery. Additionally, many insurance policies offer discounts for establishments who have their premises monitored by CCTV.

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View your Security Cameras in High Definition, directly from your TV.
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With a Professional Install, Security Cameras can be placed anywhere, with no visible wires.
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If keeping your home or office immaculate is a priority, hire the Pro’s!
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Why Choose GetMeTech?

  • Professionalism – With GetMeTech, you will receive the highest quality of workmanship. Our installs are clean, with no wires showing and you will be left with an installation that looks as if it was pre-wired during construction. If you choose us, you will have the best Security Cameras Installation that money can buy!
  • Value – The equipment we sell is from American companies and comes with a warranty, unlike some companies who provide cheap, generic Chinese systems. We refuse to skimp on quality or cut corners but that doesn’t mean that our prices are sky high. We may not have the lowest prices you can find, but we do have the best prices. For what you get, we can’t be beat!
  • Remote View – Remote Viewing is a valuable feature that almost everyone wants. It allows you to be in two places at once, as you view your cameras from any phone or computer. The setup requires IT skills so many Security Camera companies can’t do it. We do it on every install.

Once installed, Security Cameras become part of your building. If you are only concerned with getting the lowest price, please don’t call us but if quality is your first priority with price in a close second, you can stop looking. Choosing GetMeTech is a no brainer. We cater to clients who want the best possible Security Cameras install, for a good price.

Security Cameras Installation from 2009 to today

We started with a service area that spanned the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex and beyond. In those days, it was mainly commercial CCTV security cameras because the technology was new and it was primarily businesses and governments who could afford it. The security cameras didn’t offer much; the video was black & white (no color) and the image quality was very low. Wide-angle views and the ability to clearly see what the cameras were viewing, from any distance, was limited. We used PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) and varifocal lens cameras to compensate; but it left much to be desired.

Over time, the security cameras have improved in many ways. Image resolution has taken marked leaps, audio was added and speakers too; allowing for bidirectional communication. Wireless cameras came on the scene and doorbell cameras became popular. Today, we not only have infrared night vision but we have dual infrared sensors, providing PIR capability that can distinguish relevant motion such as a person, vehicle or animal from simple motion such as a tree blowing or blades of grass moving. Motion detection recording has been around for some time but irrelevant motion would constantly trigger it, making it ineffective at its intended function — to prevent cluttering storage with useless recordings or to send alerts when a potential security issue was unfolding.

Now we can finally have meaningful alerts that notify us only if an object of interest comes within the security camera’s field of view and our storage is not filled with recordings that are not security-relevant. Years ago, it was common to have a TV or monitor that displayed the security cameras 24/7 but now that smartphones and the apps that run on them has developed, we enjoy a much more rich experience in security camera remote viewing and management. For the longest time, security camera remote viewing apps only offered live view functionality. The apps were buggy, difficult to setup and so limited in function that it would require accessing the DVR directly for anything advanced, such as viewing or backing up recordings. Today, we can do this from anywhere in the world right on our connected devices.

Now we are seeing wireless security cameras that not only transmit images wirelessly but we have removed the need for a power wire as well, thanks to the advancements in battery technology, sensors and the code that enables these battery powered wireless cameras to strike a fair balance between security and energy efficiency. Today, there are cameras with solar panels to provide power, SIM cards for connectivity and microSD cards for storage, making them completely autonomous. The industry sure has changed in the time we’ve been here to watch it and take part in it.

In this time, it has not been only the security camera offerings that we have seen make huge surges in growth; Dallas Fort Worth is growing too! While we used to have a much larger service area, we now try to stay more locally focused, except in rare occasions. We are located in Grapevine Texas and that puts us in prime position to cover all of the surrounding cities, including Southlake, Colleyville, Keller, Hurst, Euless, Bedford, Flowermound, North Richland Hills, Irving, Las Colinas and most of Fort Worth. We still provide security camera services in Dallas, Plano, Coppell, Farmers Branch, Carrolton and some other communities as well but our ability to cover the territory we once could is limited.

We are a tight-knit small team with shared values. Pride in workmanship, customer service and passion for our trade have allowed us to maintain the quality that we are known for. This industry moves fast and in order to continue to be a local leading security cameras installer, it requires that we constantly advance our education on the topic. The Internet is great; thanks to the cloud, we have access to unlimited information but we feel that some of our best learning is done facing real challenges on the ground.

There really is no replacement for experience and it can be hard to find candidates that have the skillset coupled with the right mindset so we have chosen to stay small. We get our kicks from seeing the look on our customers’ faces when we enrich their life experience and make them feel more secure. Rather than growing, we are staying focused on our community and those close to us. We will continue to service most of Tarrant county from Grapevine to Fort Worth and the adjacent areas. We commonly install security cameras in Arlington, Grand Prairie, Pantego but we have gone as far as Austin and we will still evaluate each situation as it comes.

Thanks for letting us be of service for all these years! We look forward to continuing to help everyone we can.

Professional Security Camera Installation for a fair price

We install CCTV Security Camera Systems in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area including Grapevine, Colleyville, Southlake, Arlington, Irving, McKinney, Plano & HEB as well as others. We have been installing Security Cameras & DVR’s since 2001. Because of our Computer Networking acumen, we are able to do things that other Security companies can’t, such as set up your DVR so that you can view your cameras remotely from any Computer, Tablet or Smartphone. GetMeTech is the pinnacle of Security Cameras Installation in Dallas-Fort Worth.

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Dallas’ own Security Camera Installation Contractor

With 15 years serving the Dallas Fort Worth area with security camera installation services, our experience speaks for itself. In this time, we have watched the technology and the metroplex bloom, and it’s been a beautiful journey! We are grateful to all our friends in the community for their vote of confidence in choosing GetMeTech to install security cameras in their homes and businesses.

Our customers have done their research! There are some people who research security cameras so well that they teach us new things and there are also people who don’t have the time or interest to invest researching this technology and prefer to delegate the task. Either way, we are happy to accommodate your situation.

When we started there were only 2 main suppliers of security camera equipment and they would only sell to industry professionals but now in 2023, cameras are so widely available that they are accessible almost everywhere, to almost everyone. We are versed in all major brands of cameras and we have installed cameras in almost any type of structure you can imagine in North Texas so we are very versatile, but there are some things we won’t bend on.

Our installations are done with consideration for the extreme weather of North Texas. We have learned a few creative techniques to weatherproof equipment in efficient ways and we will always meet the needs of our customers but we intend to deliver a final product that will not break for many years to come and we are going to do whatever it takes to achieve that result.

For this reason, we do not get a whole lot of repeat business but we do get a lot of referrals. It is our belief that a recommendation from a friend or loved one is the best advertising available. For security camera installation in Dallas Fort Worth, call the experts that have stood the test of time, and we’ll deliver an installation that will stand the test of time! Call us now at 817-385-1855