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GetMeTech is a lead Phone & Internet Wiring Installer in Dallas Fort Worth. Phone Wiring is also referred to as Voice Cabling and Internet Wiring is synonymous with Data Cabling or Wiring. These interchangeable terms refer to designing or expanding the infrastructure within a building that is required for a business to operate their Phone or Internet systems.

Our businesses revolve around the use of Computers & Phones and these devices require the correct Wiring Infrastructure to be in place. Voice & Data Cabling is highway that our communications run on. Almost every office building has some form of Phone or Internet Wiring in place. In older buildings, you may only see Phone Jacks on the walls but any building built within the last 10 years will almost certainly have Internet Wiring as well.

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Older businesses that just have Phone Wiring will normally have what is referred to as Category 3 Cabling. Cat3 Wiring has 2 pairs of wires and is designed to connect up to 2 Phone Lines. Current wiring is all done on Category 5 or Cat5 Cabling. Cat5 has 4 pairs of wires and can connect 4 phone lines or Internet Service. Because of its reliability and flexibility, all recent installations will use Cat5 Wiring for both Phone & Internet infrastructure.

All of our Phone & Internet Wiring Installs in Dallas Fort Worth, are run with high quality Cat5 cable or the newer variant Cat6 which is basically the same but has higher standards for speed and interference. This wiring will bring your business into the 21st century with the flexibility to drive current devices & new technologies that have yet to be developed.

Phone & Internet Wiring, also referred to as Voice & Data Wiring OR Cabling, is the process of installing new wires into a building, for the purposes of expanding a Computer Network or adding Phone Lines. Internet & Phone run on what’s called Category Cable–Cat3 (which is older and can only handle phone signals) and the current standard types – Cat5, Cat5 Enhanced (Cat5e) and Category 6 (Cat6).  We can handle all of your wiring needs, be it setting up wall jacks to give convenient access to phone or internet connections or Coaxial cable wiring for Cable TV/Internet Service. We also wire home electronics systems, speakers, Security Systems–both Alarm and CCTV Surveillance Cameras.


In the wiring business, prices are measured by the “drop”.  A drop is one run of cable; for example, a cable that runs from your network switch (where your internet comes in) to a wall outlet where you would like to have an RJ45 (Internet Connection) jack.  We charge $89/drop, with variances depending on length of run and materials used.

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