GetMeTech is a local Dallas Fort Worth technology services company, specializing in contracted IT services. We have been installing security cameras since the early 2000’s and a lot has changed in that time. Security cameras used to be very expensive and it was primarily business and government that had them but in the last 10 years, the industry has seen huge changes enabling security cameras to be more affordable and accessible. We are no longer dependent on 2 major business-to-business (B2B) retailers to supply the Dallas area with surveillance products and now, they are available at nearly every big box store.


Sometimes people like to do their own research and choose the product they would like to buy; sometimes people don’t want to pay a markup on parts when they are already paying for labor. In the Security Cameras Installation industry, we often hear that most businesses “just want you to buy their equipment” and refuse to install cameras unless those security cameras are purchased from them. I think we all know how troublesome getting technology to work correctly can be at times so we totally understand why someone would want to stick to equipment they know but at GetMeTech, we have experience with all the leading brands and we’re never afraid to learn something new!

Whether you have a security camera system in mind or even if you haven’t looked, we will happily give you a recommendation that will fit your project.