Contracted IT services deliver cost savings for companies of various types. Small businesses often have systems that should not require 40 hours per week to maintain and larger companies are sometimes spread out. Remote Support helps but sometimes you need feet on the ground for duties that require physical access.

Utilizing competent independent IT consultants can prove extremely efficient because you only pay for the value you receive. Independent IT consultants work on an hourly basis so you only pay when you need technical problems solved. If you have full-time technical difficulties, maybe your systems are not configured correctly. Independent IT consultants have multiple clients so we have to design robust solutions that are not prone to failure.

Many companies waste IT dollars left and right. With a small amount of training, employees can be taught to avoid the types of threats that can cost companies big! Advanced malware threats are targeted and specific; and when they hit, it hurts! That’s why we don’t just treat the symptoms of a problem; we cure the causes that allowed it to manifest and equip staff to avoid ever falling victim to it in the future.

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With the calamities of 2020, many companies were forced to shift practices enabling more remote positions but now that some time has passed, many are moving back to the office. On-site work allows personal interaction that is vital to human health and work output. We have found that the most effective way to train is to show someone how it is done then put them in the driver seat for a few laps, only intervening to coach them along if they forget a step. With technology, once a person completes a new task a few times in a row successfully, it commits to memory. After that, they can contact an expert if they need further guidance or want to learn more.

We have found the most effective way to keep technology systems running well is to enable technology to do its job. Technology was invented to help humans complete tasks more efficiently and the best way to let technology do its job is to spend a little time with the people using the technology. People are smart but we all learn a little differently and sometimes we need someone to show us how to do something. As independent IT consultants, we have found it worthwhile to invest a little time in hands-on training so people are informed about how best way to utilize the technology to make their life easier. A little bit of training saves a large amount of dollars and down-time.

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Because we have multiple clients, we must do things as efficiently as possible. We have to make sure all of our clients have reliable technology solutions that work for them. Technology keeps changing and as independent IT consultants, we are in a state of perpetual continuing education. Tasks that would have required huge, expensive systems years ago, can be accomplished with free software today. Maybe your business can benefit from a fresh perspective on how to solve your problems and accomplish your duties in the most efficient way possible.