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IT & Security Cameras

Technical services are in high-demand in the Grapevine-Colleyville-Southlake and HEB (Hurst-Euless-Bedford) areas. We assist clients with computers, security cameras and other low-voltage devices. Smart device owners rely on us to expand WiFi connectivity and assist with configuration of smart doorbells, LED lighting, Audio-Video and other IoT installations.

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Managed IT Services


Offload your technology worries and focus in on business

Is your business struggling with inefficient IT systems that are a pain to maintain? It's time to partner with GetMeTech, the premier provider of managed IT services in Dallas-Fort Worth. We do things a little different with technology solutions that are tailored to fit you and your business.

Our experience supporting local companies with IT, network security and data integrity solutions has led us to develop a cleaner approach to IT.

Managed IT+

Tech Support has a negative connotation, riddled with long wait times and surly staff but a customer-centric approach enables us to resolve technical problems in the most efficient way possible.

We reduce Managed IT costs with:

  • Streamlined open-source tools to replace costly subscription software
  • Secure remote and phone support
  • On-site support for IT tasks that require physical access
  • A dynamic Network & Data Security model
  • Cutting-edge tools to optimize systems
  • An instructive approach focused on prevention
Dallas Low-voltage Experts

Security Cameras

Surveillance technology

Security cameras have become an integral part of everyday life, serving to deter crime and watch over the things we hold dear. Advanced sensors and smartphone integration enable us to monitor our homes and businesses in real-time.

Security-sensitive situations require discretion and care. An experienced integration team will have the knowledge and skills to make installation a breeze.

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Installation experience

We have installed security cameras throughout North Texas in a diverse range of structures and scenarios:

  • Warehouses and manufacturing
  • Storage facilities
  • Campuses and condominiums
  • Neighborhoods and office parks
  • Construction sites
  • Homes of all shapes and sizes

We have the experience to conquer your CCTV challeges!

The state of the art

Seeing is believing

We all know security cameras enhance safety but there are also a lot of other ways this technology can improve your life experience. See what modern security cameras can do for you!

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